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[PER] лизание ног как 'objective sex act'

в голландии начинают сажать за целование ног - Dutch Consider Ban on Toe Licking, сообщает неутомимая ассоциированная пресса.

в роттердаме арестовали мужика, который - внимание! - целовал ноги женщинам. он делал это на протяжении ряда лет, но раньше подобное поведение не считалось "эксплицитно сексуальным". а теперь вот - на тебе. в каком обществе мы живём?

под катом - вся заметка, на английском, маленькая:

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands - Toe-licking could become a criminal offense in the Netherlands after a man who licked the toes of several women was released by police without charges.

The toe-licker, whose name was not released, was arrested in Rotterdam earlier this week after a woman who had been sunbathing said he unexpectedly licked her bare foot.

Other women had also complained, and the 35-year-old man has reportedly been pursuing his fetish for years, but prosecutors in Rotterdam said they are powerless to stop him.

"A lick over the foot doesn't qualify as a crime: there has to be some kind of objective sex act committed," said prosecution spokesman Cees van Spierenburg in the Rotterdam Daily newspaper. "That's the way the law is."

Lawmakers Peter van Heemst and Aleid Wolfsen, members of the leading opposition Labor Party, asked Justice Minister Piet Hein Donner in a formal complaint to change the law.

"How can you explain that we can prosecute someone for throwing a cigarette butt or soda can on the ground, but not for this kind of misbehavior?" the men wrote.

зы: думаю, сейчас в стране хорошо бы пошла песенка про целование "песка, по которому ты ходила".

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