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____________________[PRO] talktous

"[S]evere lack of education... complete ignorance on anything outside of States... and they just push the blame constantly on other people..."Oh, it's our government! Oh, it's this! it's that!" In a country of 300 million people you have a responsibility to stand up... you're voting them in, they speak for you, and if you don't speak up, you are just as much to blame as them!" - Canadian Woman, Name Not Given.

www.talktous.org - проект уильяма брента (William Brent), режиссёра и бывшего корреспондента wall street journal в пекине. "US policies impact the whole world, but non-Americans have few ways to communicate directly with mainstream America," считает брент.

поэтому он решил собрать как можно больше видеороликов (коротких, всего 30-секунд), с мнениями самых различных людей об америке и американцах. коллекция пока не очень большая, но уже ужасно интересно.

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