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____________________[PRO] mind-sets of the (red) wine consumer

вот пероисточник:

This paper presents the results from a study of consumer reactions to different attributes of red and white wine, with stimuli presented in the form of small, experimentally designed, test concepts (conjoint measurement).

The results show that possibly four consumer mind-sets exist, with each mind-set comprising a different set of communication drivers for concept acceptance. Most subjects fit into one of three key categories:

  • AClassics@ (who want their wines to be traditional)

  • AImaginers@ (who want to get into the drinking experience through knowing details about their wines)

  • AElaborates@ (who want their wines to produce many sensations and flavors).

A fourth group (No Frills), were interested in simple and safe wines without any detail of flavor or origin.

This segment was found in the red wine study, but not in the white wine study.

Mind-sets of the wine consumer

интересно. спорно, как и любые подобные категоризации, но всё равно интересно (особенно про белое вино, конечно; я всегда предполагал, что у меня от него голова болит не случайно).

mtl должно понравиться.

и да, а у вас есть другие варианты раскладки кубиков?

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