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[PER] The Pigs

"...when I was down in Maryland helping my mother after the flood, a woman came by the house and told the story of her three caged pigs.

These pigs were nearly carried away during the flood. Lifted up in their cages by the raging torrent, they swam as hard as they could, their snouts barely out of the water, and they survived.

Hero pigs! Brave swimming pigs! Pigs rising above obstacles! Unsinkable pigs with seven highly effective habits, getting things done! Give them ribbons, and rub their snouts.

"We're butchering them next week," said the woman."

- The Pigs


  • C новым годом!

  • Yay, Day One!

    Первый день без дождя за, как уже кажется, сто лет.... Мы почти что видели солнце!

  • Ответ про

    Так вот, это не " вьетнамки в болотах Тверской губернии", в вовсе бельгийки ( и бельгийцы, на заднем плане) начала 20 века, работающие…

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