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____________________[PRO] Lego voted best toy in last century

Lego has been voted the best toy brand of the past 100 years. A third (31%) of the 2000 adults questioned in the YouGov survey said Lego was the must-have toy of the past century.

The survey was commissioned by the Museum of Childhood in London to mark the start of an exhibition on toys through the generations.

"With Lego, play is open-ended", said the museum spokeswoman. "You can do so much with it and it’s up to you whether you build something simple or very detailed."

Lego beat an agressive new entrant to the market, computer games and consoles, which got 14 per cent of the vote. Third place in the poll was teddy bears with 9 per cent, then Meccano (8%), train sets (7%) and bicycles (6%). The remainder of the top 10 were: Barbie, Rubik's Cube and Action Man (all 4%), and Monopoly (3%).

adapted from Lego voted best toy in last century.

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