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____________________[PRO] Japanese Develop Wearable Speakers

"Ok, so the speakers on the pictured shirt don't actually make any noise - consider it artistic license.

But shirts which do make noise may not be too far off, thanks in no small part to our Japanese friends, who have developed a method for weaving copper wire and magnets into cloth and apparently intend to bring it to market in the form of wearable speakers - iPod use in the subway may soon cease being a private affair. No idea if/when this will actually come to market, but I can't see it being very popular in uber-crowded Asian cities. Bring it to America, though, and we can revolutionize urban impromptu breakdance warfare." - Japanese Develop Wearable Speakers

also interesting, & interestingly referrinng to Philips:

Scientists invent loud speakers for clothes

Boffins at a Japanese firm claimed they developed speakers that can be woven into cloth and wrapped around the face. Hopefully not next to the ears.

The Nikkei Biz Daily describes the invention as a breakthrough, although if we see it in Pashmina scarves, the INQ will probably fall over and faint.

It works by weaving copper wire and magnets into cloth, but to Dutch boffins at Philips R&D centre in Eindhoven, this stuff is really old hat, so to speak.

When the INQ and the famous VNU "Mole" from PC Week were treated to a visit to Philips, nearly 14 years ago now, the boys there were telling us that soon we would see a "PC on a tie".

The microprocessor would be placed in the knot.

We're pleased to say that such a device never emerged, Philips continued to make money making light bulbs, Eindhoven PSV continued to lose soccer matches, and IBM supremo Sir Lou Gerstner picked up on Philips' idea four years later but for shoes. Another idea that still waits its fulfilment. - Philips was there 14 years back

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