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[PER] Lego Nostalgia


I was at KB Toys last night to buy some Legos for a present. I looked through all the different models, and felt that I really didn't like the direction they gone in during the years since I stopped playing with them extensively. Everything was licensed, with Star Wars and Harry Potter Legos dominating the shelves. And the Technic Legos, which I had never been a fan of when I was a child, had morphed into weird collectable action figures, those Bionicle thingies. It just made me sad and really desperate to crack out the old Legos and have a go at building some of my old favorites. - Lego Nostalgia


хорошо объясняет, почему лего такой сейчас дыре сидит.
не всё, конечно, но одна из причин подмечена точно.

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