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____________________[PRO] Art of Healing?

"St Bartholomew's Hospital in London has come under attack from medical professionals and politicians because of its decision to spend £250,000 ($467,000) on works of art for its new breast cancer screening centre.

The hospital has defended its decision to purchase 12 paintings and installations--paid for with private donations and not through National Health Service funds--because, it says, there is evidence that, art will speed patients' recovery by improving their spirits".

Robert Carpenter, the center's senior surgeon, said that patients responded better to treatment administered in pleasant surroundings. A scientific evaluation, initiated by Dr. Rosalia Staricoff of the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital Arts body, supports this conclusion to a degree. Dr. Staricoff's project, began in 1999, was scheduled to last three years, and aimed to look at the responses of patients to art in hospitals.

The most significant finding from the first year of the study was that three-quarters of interviewees said that art diminished their stress levels and helped take their minds off medical problems. The research also revealed that patients receiving chemotherapy treatment felt less depressed after seeing works of art.

The last phase of this project has stalled. This stage of the research was due to measure changes in biological responses, with data on how art affects areas such as length of stay and HIV clinic-cell count. This final part is to be published by the King's Fund, an independent charitable foundation, with a publication date to be confirmed.

Research by Roger Ulrich, behavioral scientist at the Texas A&M university, has shown that patients exposed to 'emotionally appropriate works of art" were less anxious, requested less medication and recovered more quickly post-operation.

However, speaking to the Art Newspaper, Mr. Ulrich also said that "certain research indicates that types of emotionally challenging, provocative works of art can actually worsen stress, pain and other outcomes. These works sometimes include, for example, critically acclaimed, quality paintings." - Art Of Healing?

а ваше мнение какое? стоит ли госпиталю тратить полмиллиона на 12 картин? или можно постерами из икеи обойтись? или даже и без них?

и какие работы должны быть в госпиталя?

вот меня очень меркантильный вопрос интересует - aman_geld-овские вещи вы бы стали вешать в госпитале? я тут собираюсь с местным госпитаем обсуждать возможность выставки. а может, мне и не соваться даже со своей фигнёй абстрактной?

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