centralasian (centralasian) wrote,

[PER] sole adornment on upon the bare walls

"1905, KOBE: Japanese correspondents who interviewed the Russian generals in their arrival at Nagasaki have obtained some historic accounts on the final council of war in Port Arthur, at which the decision to surrender was reached. Altogether twelve generals assembled at General Stoessel’s house. There were also two vacant chairs. On being asked the reason General Stoessel broke into tears, explaining that they formerly belonged to loved ones who had been killed. A discussion followed, during which it became evident that the only alternatives were prompt surrender or speedy annihilation. Meanwhile the artillery thundered outside, and as the shells burst in the vicinity General Stoessel ordered the removal of the Tsar’s photograph, the sole adornment on upon the bare walls of the plain apartment, remarking, “It is not right His Majesty should witness such proceedings.”
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