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[PER] Blue Pattern

© Viviane Faguay, Blue

А вот кто угадает, что это такое и для чего так делается? Это не мой снимок, но подсказка - он сделан в Голландии.

upd: Совершенно неожиданно для меня novikov взял и всё отгадал.

Вот объяснение автора снимка:

"In the Netherlands mussels are mainly grown in floor culture on the mussel plots. Here in Bruinisse, our village with a rather important fishing harbour, the mussels are also experimentely grown in the so-called "Hangcultuur'.

In spring, the seed (spat/larvae) collectors are prepared and deployed in seed producing areas. At this time the Sleeving process begins.
Sleeving (seeding) is the operation by which juvenile or seed mussels are loaded onto mesh sleeves.

By the fall of the year the mussel seed will have grown to a size of 5 to 20 mm and socking season begins. The mussel seed are stripped from the collectors, de-clumped and graded into uniform size classes before being places into plastic mesh sleeves/tubes called socks.

The socks containing the mussels are then hung from longlines and the longlines suspended below the surface for over-wintering - Here hanging under these blue barrels - The mussels hang high in the water, where the food offer is optimum and the mussels need no silt or sand.

Because of this the mussels will grow fast and get them sticking out a flesh weight and and more fine taste and absolutely without any sand.

During the spring and summer of the year following the socking, the mussel farmer is busy adding floatation to the longlines as the crop grows and the mussel socks gain weight." - Viviane Faguay, Blue

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