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A 25-year-old MIT student has invented a revolutionary alarm clock 'Clocky' that falls to the floor and rolls away on the first push of the snooze button. To turn it off, a person must get out of bed and find it. The clock features two rubber wheels and is covered in thick, 1970s-style shag carpet and other material to cushion it when it tumbles to the floor."

Hide-And-Seek Alarm Rousts Sleepyheads from Bed

Designed to overcome abuse of the snooze feature on most alarm clocks, Gauri Nanda's "Clocky" falls to the floor and rolls away on the first push of the snooze button. To turn it off, a person must get out of bed and find it. A built-in computer chip randomly decides how far the clock will roll, so it stops in a different place each morning.

Since word of Clocky started spreading on the Internet last month, Nanda has been deluged with e-mails from people around the world seeking to buy, sell or invest in her invention. Among those interested in Clocky, one Belgian woman wrote that she has chronic fatigue syndrome and that not even "10 alarm clocks" can wake her up. A Virginia man said: "I think I may have the record for hitting the snooze button for five hours straight. I need help. Clocky may be my only hope."

Others have suggested improvements for Clocky. "One guy said he wouldn't mind if it squirted water on him, which is kind of weird," Nanda told Reuters on Thursday. Unfortunately for them, Clocky is still a research project and is not yet commercially available. But Nanda said she is putting finishing touches on a prototype and hopes to begin testing it soon with an eye toward marketing. In the meantime, the university is helping her sort out intellectual property issues on the runaway clock.

Nanda said the carpeting was inspired by some of the household items she remembers seeing as a child. "My parents had amplifiers that looked like they were covered in carpet," she said. "I went with it because it's unconventional looking and gives the clock a playful personality. Maybe it'll even make the user laugh."

Идея и правда тянет на революцию, только с небольшими дополнениями. Если эта крича будет прыгать и убегать только после первого нажатия кнопки, то шансов у неё мало - я где-то читал, что большинство просыпающихся просто утаскивает будильник в кровать, и подавляет его уже "на местах" (например, так делаю я сам).

Настоящая крутизна началась бы, если бы это зверина спрыгивала бы и убегала в какое-то случайное место до звонка. Вот это был бы утренник, который всегда с тобой.
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