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____________________[PRO] perfume improves nonverbal behaviour of women

Women who use perfume rapidly improve visual perception of them by other people. Pleasant odour of perfume apparenly triggers changes in nonverbal behaviour of the women who wear it. They are also more likely seen as beeing in a more positive mood and more seld-confident in general.

некоторые технические детали этого интересного ислледования:

Thirty-one Japanese females were assigned to either a perfume or a no-perfume group. A screening test held in advance confirmed that all the participants in the perfume group preferred the smell of the perfume used in this study. They participated in an interview and answered questions asked by a female confederate. In the middle of the interview, the interviewees in the perfume group put on the perfume.

The improvement of their nonverbal behaviour in the latter half of the interview was evaluated by 18 neutral observers, who watched silent video clips of the interviews. The observers were not informed that some of the interviewees used perfume. The results of observer ratings showed that the interviewees in the perfume group showed significantly less nonsymbolic movement (touching their hair or nose, or shifting their posture such as rotating on a swivel chair) when wearing perfume. Analysis of the video clips showed that the interviewees in the perfume group decreased their nonsymbolic movement for about 6s per minute after putting on the perfume.

The female observers also rated the interviewees in the perfume group as more self-confident. These findings suggest that wearing perfume inhibits behaviours that project negative impressions. Analysis of the subjective mood showed that the inhibition of an interviewee's nonsymbolic movement might have resulted from a wearer's positive mood change. Although several methodological issues limit the conclusions drawn from these results, the present study showed that wearing perfume has the potential to cause changes in nonverbal behaviour and to improve visual impressions.

Source Improvement of nonverbal behaviour in Japanese female perfume's wearers, by Takahiro Higuchi, Ken Shoji, Sumie Taguchi & Toshiteru Hatayama, International Journal of Psychology, April 2005, pp. 90-99.

звучит интересно, правда, один из авторов - Ken Shoji - исследователь из Shiseido Product Development Center (Yokohama, Japan). сильно похоже на подгонку.


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