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[PER] fucking anger


...i say events do not trigger emotions; i say it's fucking individual's fucking interpretation of fucking events that lead to emotions, you motherfucker!

...so, as soon as you become aware of feeling fucking angry, you have to ask yourself three motherfucking questions: is this matter important to me? when i look at the objective facts of the fucking situation, is my fucking anger justified? is there anything i can do to rectify the fucking situation?

...more 120 years of research into the effects of the mind and its emotions on bodily health reveal that fucking, fucking anger kills... i hope I've made myself clear, long-term fucking anger with no fucking relief is deadly, you motherfucker!

...so listen up! i'll only say this once you fucking homo's. a new method to contract fucking anger is called rethink. it stands for recognize, empathize, think, hear, integrate, notice, and keep.

- recognize when you're feeling angry.
- empathize. Try and see things from the other person's fucking point of fucking view.
- think. how we think about a fucking situation, how we interpret what someone says, is what stirs up our fucking anger.
- hear what other person is saying, look into their eyes to show them you're fucking paying attention.
- integrate love and respect into how you express your fucking anger.
- notice how you can fucking calm yourself by telling yourself: "i'm OK". "i'm OK". "i'm OK". "i'm OK". "i'm OK". "i'm OK". "i'm OK"."i'm OK". "i'm OK". "i'm OK". "i'm fucking OK!!!".
- keep your mind on the present event and its alternative solutions. don't bring up past grudges or rake open old wounds [ты одна помнишь, что никакого завтра, есть только сейчас © бг]. keep fucking personalities out of it.

и этакий лингвистический хвост:

perhaps one of the most interesting words to come out of all this, is the word FUCK.

of all the english words that begin with F, fuck is the only word referred to as the F-word.

it's the one fucking word that just by its sound is able to describe pain, pleasure, hate and love. its meaning is hardly sexual nowadays.

it can be used as an adjective, as in "i'm the only one doing the fucking job"... as adverb, as in "i'm fucking beautiful!"...as a part of adverb, "you are too fucking ugly!". and as a noun, "i don't give a fuck", as a part of word, "abso-fucking-lutely" or "in-fucking-credible". in fact, it can be used as almost every word in a sentence, for example "fuck you all you fucking fuckers!".

with all these multipurpose applications, how could you anyone be offended when you use the word? i'm inclined to say - use this unique, versatile, adaptable word more often in your daily conversation, it will immediately identify your quality of character.

say it loud, and say it proud, fuck, fuck, FUCK YOU!

ps: статья из одного из выпусков пережурнала

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