centralasian (centralasian) wrote,

[PER] ещё к промальпинизму

Greenpeace activists climbed onto the reactor dome of a Dutch nuclear power plant today and painted a crack on it to underline the dangers of nuclear power. Greenpeace said in a statement that nuclear plants "produce waste that threaten life, and are a target for possible terrorist acts".

"About 30 people disguised as radioactive waste containers entered the plant. Four or five of them climbed the dome of the plant and painted a crack on it," said Esther Boot, a police spokeswoman in the region of the Borssele plant in the south west of the country.
The activists who succeeded in climbing the plant will be charged with destroying property, Boot said, adding that the other members of the group had already left the plant.

The Borssele plant is due to close down in 2013, but Greenpeace claims the government plans to keep it open because closing it would be more costly than to keep it running.
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