centralasian (centralasian) wrote,

____________________[PRO] Analytic Info-Murals

Между прочим, интересная статья - Connecting the Smudges: How Analytic Info-Murals May Be of Help in Dealing With Social Messes [pdf, 6pp].

"[I]nformation murals" is a new visualization method that can help dealing with social messes (also known as "ill-structured" or "wicked" problems). Some of the problems addressed are: severe limitations of ordinary prose documents to communicate complex subject matter; the necessity to help groups create common mental models; and the need to show context and multiple views for strategy discussions and decisions.

These info-murals provide the scaffolding for thinking bigger thoughts. They facilitate seeing the big picture as well as needed detail. They reveal new and novel patterns. They sometimes even enable us to connect the smudges."

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