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____________________[PRO] Interpretation of Reams :: Talking with Albert Ellis

Q. When did you decide that Freudian analysis was a waste of time?
AE. Freud was full of horseshit. He invented people's problems and what to do about them. Tell me one thing about the past. I'll prove it's not what upset you. It's how you philosophized about it that made you disturbed.

Q. If Freud is horseshit, why are so many people still spending hours on the couch, talking about their dreams?
AE. Because people are crazy and stupid! And especially psychologists and therapists are stupid! That's the main reason.

Q. You seem very comfortable swearing in writing as well.
AE. I was the first psychologist at the American Psychological Associate Convention in Chicago in 1950 who was able to use "fuck" and "shit." The rest were scared shitless. It strikes home. It's direct. It doesn't beat around the bush.

I encourage USA, Unconditional Self Acceptance. I accept me, myself, my personality, whether or not I do well. I prefer to do well, but I don't put my worth on the line. And I accept you with your stupidity and failings - whether or not you do well. And I accept life, which is bad, without demanding that it be exactly the way I want it to be. I avoid the words "should," "ought" and "must." - The Interpretation of Reams. Talking with Albert Ellis, world-renowned anti-Freud therapist

если память мне не изменяет (а она всё чаще норовит, да), то мой перевод одной их статей эллиса был чуть ли не первой публикацией о РЭТ в (тогда ещё) союзе. сотни какие-то лет назад.

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