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[PER] Über Tälern und Menschen – Das fotografische Werk von Albert Steiner

в Bündner Kunstmuseum в швейцарском городке Chur проводится выставка альпийских фотографий Albert-а Steiner-а (ссылка с фото ведёт на сайт музея).  я сам туда не смог попасть, да и вы вряд ли успеете (выставка до 18-го сентября), но вдруг. судя по всему, интересные работы, хотя собственно горных фотографий не так много, по-крайней мере, в буклете.

буклет утверждает, что

"Albert Steiner belongs to the most important Swiss photographers of the 20ieth century. His photos of the Engadin landscape are unique even in international comparison. They have greatly contributed to the way Switzerland as an alpine landscape of Arcadian beauty is perceived. Inspired by painters such as Giovanni Segantini and Ferdinand Hodler, Steiner created pictures, which also express a profound religious worship of nature. Albert Steiner hardly ever received the appreciation he deserves.

Jointly with the Swiss Foundation for Photography, the Bündner Kunstmuseum has attempted to breach this gap in Swiss photo history by putting on an exhibition and issuing a publication. For the first time the exhibit shows a large selection of the most important works from private and public collections".

под катом - пример ещё одной работы:


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