centralasian (centralasian) wrote,

[PER] Lego ... is about seeing

'Lego is not about building. It is about seeing. It builds artistic taste without building skill. I say this because, really, it takes no skill at all to build a Lego model. The activity itself requires no skill at all, Lego goes precisely where you want it. Unlike drawing, amateurs can build models like the best of them if given instructions.

The skill of Lego is in the designing. It is how builders see the pieces that sets them apart.... I would say Lego is art in quite a bit of the way traditional art qualifies.'

Peter Roberts,  Types of Art, Bulbous Blog

[я бы поспорил, на самом деле, про activity itself requires no skill at all - в случае детей это не совсем так. но в целом ветер тут в правильную сторону]

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