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[PER] dreamy in the best sense of the word

"My favorite method of locomotion, though, is the cableway, and especially the chairlift. I find enchanting and dreamy in the best sense of the word to glide in the morning sun from valley to timberline in that magic seat, and watch from above my own shadow - with the ghost of a butterfly net in the ghost of a fist - as it keeps gently ascending in sitting profile along the flowery slope below, among dancing Ringlets and skimming Fritillaries.

Some day the butterfly hunter will find even finer dream lore when floating upright over mountains, carried by a diminutive rocket strapped to his back."
- V. Nabokov, in the interview to Vogue (1972).

в моём случае это, конечно, призрак фотокамеры. а так всё похоже.

и да, ракетами я бы тоже не стал пользоваться, наверное.

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