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____________________[PRO] Innovations based on simplicity-led design

Philips has unveiled more than 25 new design concepts, demonstrating how the company's focus on 'simplicity-led design' is likely to translate into new products over the coming three to five years across its entire healthcare, lifestyle and technology portfolio.

The Simplicity Event at L' Espace Grande Arche in Paris, taking place over four days, features important presentations and showcases the company's vision for the future.

никаких пока нет фотографий, ни на сайте компании, ни в сети. выложу пока то, что есть - краткие описания некоторых концептов (на английском, подкатами). их трудно обсуждать "без картинок", всухую, но уже что есть.

Some memories are meant to be shared and treasured, and accessible in an instant. Philips considers that it should be as easy to share video memories, as it would be to view a treasured photograph sitting in a frame.

Momento is a unique glass ball, small enough to fit into the palm of the hand, which offers a completely new way to share precious video memories. The device will 'wake up' when approached and play its store of movie clips when a person reaches out to pick it up. To change from one clip to another, simply shake the glass ball and the movement is detected through in-built sensors prompting the existing clip to dissolve and another one to appear in its place.

Momento has no buttons to press or dials to turn and all functions are controlled by either proximity or detected movement. Storing images is also simple. The device receives movie clips wirelessly from any 'Bluetooth' enabled phone.

шикарная идея интерфейса, включаящая случайное, непредсказауемое (типа shafle), но при этом как-то вызываемое тобой поведение системы. что-то вроде бросания костей. может стать весьма аддиктивным занятем.

'In Touch'
New technologies make sharing information, news or pictures with family and friends faster than ever before. This though is on a person-to-person basis. Philips has considered why it should not be as easy to share this information with all those living in a house, whether that is family or housemates and to do so as simply as instant messaging. The result is the In Touch design concept, a 21st Century take on a family 'message board'.

In Touch is a mirror that transforms into a touch screen message center, providing an alternative to leaving messages in different places, such as a written note stuck on the fridge or an answer phone message. Through In Touch, members of the household view messages left in text or video format, which are posted directly onto the device or sent remotely. When illuminated, the screen also includes portrait photographs of all the 'family' members in the network, which are used as a method of sending messages.

In Touch is easy to operate. Simply touching a relevant image on the mirror will activate a message, which could be a voicemail, video, picture or text message. The mirror also makes it simple to leave messages or send them automatically to other members of the network.

To leave a message on the electronic board, just touch the mirror with a stylus and a drawing space opens. To record a video message, touch a blue light in the right-hand corner of the mirror, which turns red and a real-time image of the person recording the message appears in the centre. The message is then recorded.

To send an MMS or SMS message, create a message with the stylus and then, using a finger, drag and drop the text box on to one of the portrait photographs. The MMS or SMS is sent automatically and the message reverts to its original position with a confirmation stamp showing it has been delivered.

идея электронной системы внутрисемейного общения занимает филипс давно (см. Vision of the Future). и не только филипс - HP, Xerox Labs, да кто только не постарался. но их общая фундаментальная невстроенность в ритуалы обычной жизни неизбежно приводила к провалу всех подобных проектов - so far, как говорится. так что - посмотрим, посмотрим.

'Look Look'
Philips believes that sharing experiences should be as simple as a child saying "Look, Look" to a parent. Its 'Look Look' design concept is a device that allows people, particularly children, to capture and share images spontaneously and to share them either with those around them, through an in-built projection system or remotely by sending the image to In Touch or another compatible device, such as a parent or grandparent's phone.

To capture an image, simply extend the eyepiece [я точно не знаю, как это выглядит] a short way and the capture mode is engaged. It is possible to zoom in on the scene and press the scroll wheel to capture it.  Viewing images is easy. This is done either by looking through the eyepiece viewfinder and toggling through the pictures with the scroll wheel or by using Look Look's in-built projection system.

'Tune In'
The pleasure we find in music knows no bounds and unites people in a way that few other mediums can.

The pleasure we find in music knows no bounds and unites people in a way that few other mediums can. While sharing music has become easier, it is also fraught with problems: from the legal issues of copyright, to the process of searching and downloading. Philips investigated whether there was a way for the sharing of music to become more spontaneous and that could be done in a simpler manner. Its Tune In design concept does just this, providing a device wearable around the neck and allowing music lovers within a limited area to broadcast and share their music collections with others.

The heart of the application is a radar device that measures and displays the distance between a person and other Tune In community members. The location is displayed in the form of glowing dots radiating out from the centre of the circular screen. Color-coding on the dots indicates the type of music being played in the immediate area. There are also four touch sensitive areas on the device, allowing the user to control their own music in the usual manner, such as play/pause.

Tuning into another person's music is as simple as pressing the relevant dot that represents them on the screen. By pressing again, the device reveals all the details about the track being played, while pressing the center dot returns the user to their own music.

могут быть совершенно неожиданные социальные последствия, надо заметить. можно будет ввести некую меру совпадения интересов - типа интересов в жж, или даже идею фредования как-то наложить на такую систему. как редко встречаешь своих, короче.

тут оказывается, что идей на самом деле довольно дофига, и нет большого смысла перетаскивать сюда весь текст - то есть, он есть, и рано или поздно я всё равно перетащу, только уж лучше подождать, пока появиться побольше информации, чтобы можно было было более подробно обсудить.

надо заметить, что в отличие от VoF все концепты - реально работающие модели, а не красивые болванки.


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