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[PHOTO] Chess Players, by Fox Talbot

Chess Players, by Fox Talbot
Calotype Salt Print, 8 x 7 cm, 1842
Current Buy-It-Now Price on eBay - $5,400

The image of chess players by Talbot was possibly taken in his studio (accounting for the white coats being worn). It is believed that one of the players (seated on the right) is the artist Antoine Claudet. The pictures was published in the 1846 issue of the Art Union magazine, a leading publication on advances in art at the time.

In an attempt to publicise his invention as widely as possible, Fox Talbot agreed to provide an image for each copy of the Art Union The editor wrote "this will be a great boon to our readers, many of whom, although they have heard much of the wonderful process, have not been yet enabled to examine an actual specimen."

Talbot presented only pictures from nature for the exercise, and each of the eight copies in the Gernsheim Collection contains a different image, accompanyed with the nearly two pages-long text describing the process of development.

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