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On High Design

"Stefano Marzano, CEO and Chief Art Director of Philips Design, draws on multidisciplinary knowledge to mold the look of tomorrow. His goal: Humanized tech.

Under Marzano's direction, Philips Design has grown in vibrant way. In 1991, the unit had 110 employees. Today, it's one of the world's largest design agencies, counting 450 employees with an average age of just 32. Moreover, today Philips Design is central to the strategy of Philips, its mother company.

In a bid to keep them in touch with what consumers want to use, rather than what simply looks cool, Marzano and his designers work closely with market researchers, psychologists, sociologists, philosophers, and anthropologists.

It's a concept Marzano has called High Design. - Behind Philips' "High Design"

С самопиаром там немного густовато, я согласен, но это ведь BusinessWeek, а не пир-ревью. Но в целом всё похоже не правду, как ни странно. Даже ресторанчик, который там описан как:

"...a funky chandelier-meets-street-chic cafeteria nearby"

действительно сушествует. Вот на него вид (годичной давности, правда). Так забавно, мы только вчера там сидели, и я как раз хотел про него написать.
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