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_____________________[PRO] researching online communities ethicaly

Ethical Issues for Qualitative Research in On-line Communities

Disability & Society, Volume 17, Number 6/October 01, 2002 , pp 685 - 694.
Charlotte Brownlow , Lindsay O'Dell


Recent years have witnessed a rapid growth in Internet technologies, which offer new possibilities for researching hard to reach groups. However, research guidelines, which could aid research in this new forum, have not yet been fully developed.

The focus of the article will be ethical issues that may arise from using the Internet as a research tool if we are to protect and respect our participants. Questions surrounding gaining informed consent, privacy of participants and new power differentials, which may arise through interaction in an on-line forum, are raised.

These are supplemented by reflections from work conducted by the authors using on-line discussion formus as method of research with people with autism.

вот бы avva взвился на power differentials... :)

а если серьезно, то тема интересная, но из абстракта ничего неясно... с одной стороны, "и хочется" изучать новые, ранее недоступные группы (или взаимодействовать с)... с другой стороны - "и колется", самыми разными шипами... и есть хочется, и худеть...

а вот интересно, сколько же в жж аутистов? вот вы, господа, аутисты или нет?

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