centralasian (centralasian) wrote,

"You are powerful enough to wield the totem of fire, but that does not mean you are ready! Along the Southfury River in Durotar, before the Great Sea, lies a hidden trail to one of the highest peaks in the land.

Find your way to the very top and you shall find one of our holy shrines watched over by Telf Joolam - the Shrine of the Dormant Flame."

альпинист всегда найдёт себе место полазить. надо бы в качестве третьей професси выбрать ему "горный проводник". или секцию открыть; "значок альпиниста World of Warcraft"

зы: интересно, возьмут ли такой снимок во v_gorax?
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