centralasian (centralasian) wrote,

"One of the latest work of Banksy, British 'guerilla artist' - a saucy stencil of a lover hanging from a window on the side of a building in Park Street in Bristol, England.

The city council are now considering carrying out an online survey to decide what to do with the stencil. A council spokeswoman said: 'We are encouraging debate amongst residents and would like to hear people's views and comments about this latest addition to the Banksy collection. "We have to decide if it's public art or graffiti."

а почему online survey? я ещё понимаю - жильцов окрестных опросить, или прохожих. а online surveys - это всё лукавое. вон, те же жж-опросы. что ни опрос - то сосёт.

провести им тут опрос, что ли?
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