centralasian (centralasian) wrote,

[PER] On art (of) pogroms

в иноязычных новостях это подаётся так:

Ripped up drawings lay on a floor in Marat Guelman's Moscow art gallery shortly after it was attacked in this Saturday, Oct. 21, 2006.

A group of young men stormed into the gallery at around noon on Saturday, demolishing an exhibition ofpaintings by a Georgian artist and injuring its owner, the gallery owner (maratguelman) said Sunday to the Associated Press in a telephone interview.

The incident took place amid a government crackdown on Georgians living here following a spy dispute with Tbilisi. It was the latest in a series of attacks against foreigners and those with a non-Slavic appearance, highlighting concerns about growing nationalism and xenophobia in Russia.

PS: самая внятная статья про всё это дело
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