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[PRO] Privatness is different

а, нашлась таки ненайденная заметка.

только она, оказывается, была аналоговой, поэтому просто перепечатую кусочек:

"Visitors to Alton Towers who purchase the service will receive an RFID (radio frequency identification) band to wear around their wrist, 'marking' them to the park-wide video-capturing system. As you go about your day at the park, footage of you enjoying rides, eating hot dogs, peeling gum off of the bottom of your shoe. and so on is routed, catalogues, and digitally stored. When you're ready to leave you signal a computer to begin assembling the personalized footage, which is then transferred to a 30-minute DVD, available for purchase."

from "Fun with Surveillance. Does new program point toward loss of 'privatness'?", by Patrick Tucker, The Futurist, November-December, 2006, p. 10.

про отслеживание покупок и всякие другие цифровые слои я, конечно, немного придумал.

зы: отдельно хочется обратить внимание на использование нового термина privatness (а не privacy), предложенного в своё время некто Amitai Etzioni.

"Privatness is different." - утверждает социолог Этизиони. "The voluntary loss of privatness is definitely on the rise. People have become very willing to disclose things for a number of reasons - for 15 minutes' fame on television, for convenience, for coupons and special marketing incentives, and so on. Keep in mind, in many instances, there are benefits to giving away information about yourself."

помнится, ряд лет назад я даже разразился статьёй на эту тему, что-то типа "privacy management for ambient intelligent"; сейчас немного смешно читать, конечно.

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