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[PRO] Philips Runs Virtual

"...Philips Design will have a space on Second Life where virtual concepts can be tested and residents can participate in co-design projects. In this way, Second Life users can have a greater say in the kind of colors, ergonomics, functionality and other features of products they may wish to buy in this virtual world. This will allow Philips Design to find new ways of relating to end users [в Первой Жизни, то есть.]"

"This sort of foresighting is extremely powerful," says Stefano Marzano, Chief Executive Officer of Philips Design. "As the only things that actually exist within Second Life are ideas, it provides us with a real opportunity to better understand the dynamics of intangible value. In addition, value created in this virtual world can also be transferred to the real world."

ну, про "только идеи" он немного загнул, конечено. а пикселы? пикселы нынче дорого стоят.

да, source: Philips Design collaborates with Rivers Run Red to enter virtual world of Second Life®

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