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[PER] ветер порывистый, временами совсем оборзевший

"Gale-force winds and heavy rains hit the Netherlands on Thursday, prompting travel warnings, school closures and forcing flight cancellations in what is expected to be the worst storm in years."

  • The Amsterdam fire brigade said people out on the streets were in danger from falling roof tiles andbroken tree branches.

  • There were severe delays at Schiphol Airport, with both arrivals and departures delayed or cancelled.

  • Police in The Hague were investigating a report that someone could have been blown into the sea from a pier in Scheveningen. (легко поверю - меня сегодня просто сбило с ног ветром, коленка болит до сих пор)

  • In Utrecht, three people were injured when a crane was blown over onto a building.

  • Pumping stations were reported working at full power to prevent flooding of the low-lying polders.

  • The rail goods transport company Railion halted all traffic, andone of the main bus companies called on passengers to avoid bus travelas roads were littered with branches.

  • Many ferry services were cancelled.

  • The Dutch automobile association said the A2 highway, which runs south from Amsterdam through Utrecht to Maastricht, had been flooded near Utrecht; a spokesman referred to a "water ballet" on the flooded road.

  • US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice cut short her visit to Berlin in order to leave for London before the winds worsened.

  • The storm was dubbed 'Cyril' by weather observing offices.
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