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"This set of pictures was arranged to be explained, or spoken into existence over a finite moment or two. In the first picture a man and a woman face each other in a darkened room, each holding a lighted torch. The man, who is opening a door, appears reflected in a mirror. The second pairing is of the same two seen over a longer time span which allows you to follow their responces. She, for instance, appears to have lowered her arm but she is still focusing on the man's spectacled face, while his torch beam has moved down her exposed body. Was the move instinctive, or has it been choreographed?

The picture is X after the fall of the light on the first pairing. The pattern it makes is point, line, line, point, point or dot, dash, dash, dot - X in Morse code. After all, this is photography and photography originally meant writing with light - and writing entails spelling, too."

(фотография эта некто John Hilliard, а текст взят из книжки The Photo Book)

ЗЫ: Фотография напомнилась роликом "5:55", Шарлотты Гинзбур, который показывает у себя gra4a

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    Первый день без дождя за, как уже кажется, сто лет.... Мы почти что видели солнце!

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    Так вот, это не " вьетнамки в болотах Тверской губернии", в вовсе бельгийки ( и бельгийцы, на заднем плане) начала 20 века, работающие…

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