centralasian (centralasian) wrote,

и чувства добрые я бхозие внвопк

зы: как это всё объясняется (орфорграфия источника):

RUSSIA/USSR. Specialized Issues. Proof Banknote. Soviet Government has plans of order new print machines for printing paper money. Switzerland's firm made proof note in Germany Marks style for showing of resources of printing equipment.

C-NL. 10 (RUBLES) ND(1977). XF/aUNC. Uniface. Original. Colorful. Size: 125 x 65 mm. Printed by De la Rue Giori's Process & Equipment. Designer by Roger Pfund. Production by Orell FUssli Graphic Arts Zurich. The averse is with portrait of Alexander Pushkin(Russian National Poet) on vintage view of St. Petersburg. Please note that it is 100 % genuine note, but not modern reprint or collecting falsification (а так похоже именно на это!). NB! C-NL - note not listed in any Russian or international catalogs (=именно поэтому).
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