centralasian (centralasian) wrote,

[DIVE] Blessed nanosecond, or Raising your {second} voice

Я знаю, сэмпл и всё такое; но и всё же - фигасе уровень нетрэбы!

"I agree that it[integration of voice in SL]’d be quite an opportunity to expand people’s notions of gender, particularly when coupled with feminine/masculine appearances and mannerisms.

"Among the issues you mentioned that keep many from using the feature, I think that for a number of us, we’re just plain socially awkward. It’s easier to interact via text. Vocally, all we can do is back-pedal, rather than hit that convenient backspace key. I know that for me, typing gives me one blessed nanosecond to think before I 'say' something. Rather unfortunate that I can type faster than I can think." - Lienna Jael

А вот вам в ЖЖ нужен голос? если бы аудио-общение было встроено как фича, вы бы как к этому отнеслись?

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