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Аbolition of all distances brings no nearness

"...I have tried to lay down the foundation for establishing the paranodal as a site to unthink or reverse the nodocentric biases of the network and engender new models of subjectivation, models that build upon and include — rather than altogether reject — the network.

If the network offers a nodocentric model of sociality in which only nodes are constructed as subjects, excursions into the paranodal can help us balance this nodocentrism. The paranodal can and should inform our design of networks and our participation within them, helping us translate whatever benefits networked sociality has to offer into benefits for other realms of social reality, extending the value of the network beyond the nodes that comprise it.

The challenge we face is not that of replacing one kind of mediation with another, but of incorporating new forms of mediation (such as networked proximity) into socially meaningful kinds of nearness."

<-- PDF в 150 стр; интересная, совсем свежеиспечённая PhD некто Ulises Mejías ; нелюбителям так называемого постмодернизма читать не рекоммендуется, а всем остальным кое-что в этой работе может показаться интересным, а может даже и полезным. Всякие интересные околосетевые размышления, включая заходы в ambient intelligence, virtual worlds, Маркса, Делёза, Латура итп. Да и хорошая библиография в 15 страниц тоже на дороге не валяется.
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