centralasian (centralasian) wrote,

_____________________[PRO] Social dangers of Second Life

"...consider this hypothetically accurate scenario. A young man logs onto "Second Life." Using his avatar, he walks over to his virtual computer. He then creates a program that he calls First Life, which allows avatars to view and control their bodies outside the game [казлы, они по-прежнему называют это игрой :(], in real life. What happens when an avatar logs on? Tragically, the avatar and the actual person subsequently freeze up, each stuck in a queue of waiting for their next command. The avatar and the person are stuck in an eternal loop of watching each other sit in front of a computer, probably both naked. The person eventually dies, his mind having exploded under the extreme stress." - 'Second Life' presents societal dangers

Сразу заметно, кто и что тут курил.
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