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[PER] 7 x 2 = ...

В связи с Date: надо бы написать что-нибудь про любовь. Например, вот ещё была история:

"Jacob was travelling to his uncle Laban. On his journey he met a group of shepherds. One of them turns out to be Rachel, Laban's attractive youngest daughter.

Jacob greets her with a kiss and falls in love with Rachel. But Laban will let him marry his daughter only if Jacob agrees to work for Laban for seven years.

After seven years Laban indeed sends a daughter to Jacob - but it is Leah, Rachel's elder sister. Laban claims that according to tradition he has to give away his firstborn daughter before the younger Rachel.

Jacob then had to spend another seven years in Laban's service before he gets to marry Rachel".

Такие вот дела. Автор картины - Hugo van der Goes.
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