centralasian (centralasian) wrote,

[PER] Flow of Plurking

Влился в ряды "плу(ё?)ркеров"; спасибо, silpol! Смахивает на Твиттер по замыслу, но смешнее и визуальнее.

Короткая этимологическая деконструкция термина:

"Plurk. Yuck. Sounds so muck like pork. Or bork. We understand there’s sort of a love-hate thing going on with our name. It’s understandable but we’d like to give you some colour on what’s behind the name so you are not as quick to brush it off.

* Plurk as stalkerati central: People + Lurk = Plurk

* Plurk as an amalgam of Play + Work: Play-Work. Plurk is what scientists do. It is the enthusiastic, energetic application of oneself to the task at hand as a child excitedly plays; it is the intense arduous, meticulous work of an artist on their life-long masterpiece; it is joyful work. (credit)

* Plurk as acronym: Peace, Love, Unity, Respect, Karma

* Verb potential: "Oh I googled this –> Oh I plurked it" Easy enough to wrap around in any form. Plurked, plurking, plurkers, plurks. Little p, big P, it’s catchy, snippy and sweet.

So next time you say Plurk, don’t say ewww, but chew on it for a little longer and have a happy day (at work, plurking the day away!)." - отсюда

Более серьёзный архитектурно-интерфейсный разбор полётом можно почитать у RWW - Plurk: Unique or Just Another Twitter Clone? Ответа не дают, но читать, как и всегда, интересно.

ЗЫ: Да, urbansheep-у не могут не понравиться полоски

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