centralasian (centralasian) wrote,

[PER] Гильдия для тинейждеров

"Citizen 2.0 is today's teenager, born in a connected world, accustomed to rapid change and possessing unique information-age skills. Citizen 2.0 will challenge any organisation selling products, services or ideas in the future."

"To understand Citizen 2.0 is to embrace the concept of extended identity, an identity that transcends usual limitations of location, age and upbringing. Teenagers again provide the clue through their interest in using and being recognised for their blogs, gaming avatars, online friends and photos. This is not a recreation. It is an extension of who they are and establishes them as members of dozens of tribes and subcultures transcending many old barriers and norms."

Источник знаний: By 2012, today's teens will rule
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