centralasian (centralasian) wrote,

______________________________[PRO] The future of money, or the plays of pulsating data

"The fact that our economy is now constituted in a large degree by information structures of pulsating data (like that of TV image) means that there are innumerable intervals in every social situation which provides opportunities fore new involvement and obsessions, endless games in futures of antiquities, in horoscopes, fashion and commodities.

Such opportunities are nowhere sicker that in the old commodity markets of supply and demand, especially when they move at the speed of light. It is here that it is possible to buy up 'futures' of oil, or meat, or grain, or real estate, or antiquities, using the time interval between supply and demand as the point of intervention and gambling. At electric speed it is possible to play Russian roulette with whole economics, with entire educational system, and with political regimes." - Marshal McLuhan, A Media Approach to Inflation (1974).

Про nowhere sicker он, конечно, загнул - самая толстая игра не требует ничего, кроме самой игры, то есть, играть надо на будующее самых денег; но всё равно отлично написано, вся статья.
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