centralasian (centralasian) wrote,

A-doing your < duck > life

"What you ought to do is to live a life of experiences. It looks like you randomly jump from one thing to another, and not necessarily do a lot. I will take an issues with that. If we look at people who are succeeding at times of rapid changes, it looks like all the stuff they did in their life led to that very moment [короткая история про то, как он работал в десяти разных местах], and if you look at all of that, they look like random [jumps]. But if I took any of those steps, I won't be doing what I do know.

"I think that planning is not that I know what I have to do in twelve years, and to do that I need to do this, and this, and that now. The planning needs to be: life is a series of interactions that makes you better, at creating ideas, spreading ideas, engaging with people, treating them with respect so that they would want to work with your next time, understanding how to use new tools, so that when further new tools will come you will not be afraid of them. All those things are a plan. You can do it on purpose."
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