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Theology of Play

"Not only are games the best means of growth, physical and moral; not only do they meet the highly desirable requirement of training and governing the boy without his knowing it; not only are they peculiarly essential to the leisure hours, the counteraction of sedentary habits and of the cityward drift of our times; but modern Psychology has given to games a new and deeper significance.

"Games are a preparation for religious life and a vital means of its realization. In order to understand religion, we must know something of the biological role of play. Many of the emotions, basilar to religion, like elation, spontaneity, initiative, and the impetus to act for the joy of action, are most efficiently developed through play activities.

"The church, therefore, should appropriate and utilize this potent factor in human evolution. For ages the church has busied herself with the Theology of Tears, it should now deal seriously with the Theology of Play."

Вау, вот это текст так текст - The Church and the Young Man's Game, by некто F. J. Milnes, B.S. Звучит он (если сделать некоторые стилистические скидки) удивительно современно, хотя написан в 1913 (!) году.

Theology of Play, блиин. Надо гильдию такую в Warcraft-e организовать. И вообще - религия как mass multi-player role-playing game in synthetic reality. Вот всё-таки раньше умели красиво думать, богатыринемы.

PS: Надо ещё срочно что-то анти-религиозное написать, а то пришьют, не разобравшись, "православие мозга" какое-нибудь.
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