November 29th, 2002


[SRC PHOTO] образование планет

© Astronomy University of Washington via Reuters

A computer simulation of how big planets the size of Jupiter might form. Astronomers unveiled a quick new recipe for creating big planets, using supercomputer calculations to show these gassy giants could form in hundreds of years, instead of millions.

к вопросу о моделировании...


[SRC PHOTO] time sensitive cd

© Chitose Suzuki/AP Photo

New 'time sensitive' DVD discs are shown at the SpectraDisc laboratory in East Providence, R.I.. The DVDs show the color change process in the new limited play discs, from the silver ready-to-play DVD, right, changing to blue, left, and becoming non-functioning after three days of use.

а у нас сегодня ветчина оказалась совсем 'time sensitive'... :((