December 1st, 2002


[SRC PHOTO] first dutch cannabis cafe marks 30th anniversary

© Peter Dejong/AP Photo

Cannabis cultivator Ed Holloway, 86-years-old, better known as Pld Ed, looks at a golden marijuana bud trophy that he was awarded in the Dutch town of Haarlem, as the pioneers of Dutch marijuana culture celebrated three decades of progressive drug policy.

ты помнишь, как всё начиналось...

First Dutch Cannabis Cafe Marks 30th Anniversary


[SRC PHOTO] world aids day

© Jayanta Shaw/Reuters

An activist dressed like a condom participates at a rally on World Aids Day in Calcutta, December 1, 2002.

будем поосторожнее... и желательно, не только сегодня... а то я тут недавно нашёл ещё "картиночек про россию"... Collapse )