centralasian (centralasian) wrote,

Moony, or Boundary of Existence

Не слишком перевoдимое, но красивое описание:

"Moony" is an interactive installation created by Takehisa Mashimo, Akio Kamisato and Satoshi Shiabta. This artwork project is a challenge to create a marginal space between virtual images and physical objects. After visitors [интересно, что всё чаще стали использовать слово "посетитель" вместо "зритель"; так они скоро и до "со-участника" дойдут] look through the vapor steam, they can detect the animated butterflies inside. If the visitor try to touch them, butterflies start to swarm around your hands or escape behind the visitor’s hand. It is, of course, impossible to touch them physically, and so the visitors experience the mystic phenomena between real and unreal."
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