April 10th, 2003

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[PER] German Professors Declare War on English Terms

German Professors Declare War on English Terms

BERLIN (Reuters) - A group of German university professors, angered by the U.S.-British war against Iraq, have launched a campaign to replace many popular English-language words used in Germany with French terms.

Saying they are appalled by the way the United States and Britain defied the will of the United Nations (news - web sites) and attacked Iraq, the four professors declared war on borrowed English terms in German such as "okay," "T-shirt" and "party."

The German linguists... want to replace English terms in use with the French words "mannequin" (Model), "ordinateur" (Computer), "Equipe" (Team) and "Adieu" (Byebye).

cea pro choice

_____________________[PRO] cyborg logs & collective stream of (de)consciousness

Various forms of apparatus for a new kind of wiki or blog (weblog) are described. In particular, ways of bringing together a collective deconsciousness are presented. The systems works with CyborgLogs (cyborglogs or "glogs") from a community of portable computer users, or it can also be used with a mixture of portable (handheld or wearable), mobile (automotive, boat, van, or utility vehicle), or base-station (home, office, public space, etc.) systems.

The system enables a community to exist without conscious thought or effort on the part of the individual participants. Because of the participants' ability to constantly experience the world through the apparatus, the apparatus can behave as a true extension of the participants' mind and body, giving rise to a new kind of collective experience.