April 24th, 2003

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[PER] Ricardo Semler:: How and why of the workers' paradise

Ricardo Semler:: How and why of the workers' paradise
By Lucy Kellaway
Financial Times; Apr 14, 2003

Ricardo Semler looks at the tape recorder between us on the table and asks: "Why?" He is not questioning why I am recording the words of the world's most famously unusual businessman. He is asking why the technology of the tape recorder has improved so little in 25 years.

I say my machine works fine, though I don't always manage to put the tape in the right way round and press the "record" button. He looks at me as if I'm a fool.

Possibly the Brazilian businessman-philosopher thinks I am a fool anyway. I am here to interview him about his new book, The Seven Day Weekend, which is about how much he hates hierarchies. That very morning in the FT I had written an article saying how much I like them.

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довольно дурацкое интервью, на самом деле. но мужик интересный, у него по-хорошему парадоксальное мышление. не для того, чтобы продемонстрировать, а просто:

Once upon a time we committed ourselves to putting a man on the moon. What kind of similar commitment should we make now? What's the "moon shot" of the 21st century?
Bringing quality of life to the largest part of the world. All else is niche-oriented and ultimately unsatisfactory.

As the world heads down its current path, what should we fear most?
The ungluing of the first world from the rest.

What issue or issues will most define our future?
Longevity, which will increase.

Technology, which will continue speedily progressing but altering nothing essential.

Environment, which will still be considered secondary, and will hit us in the stomach again and again.

Work life, which should have gotten much better, and didn't, and suffers from excess lip service and no commitment to its structural bettering.

Unhappiness, which stems from excessive workload; insufficient time for inactivity (as opposed to leisure); and the treatment of love, quality of life, and peace as things that can be addressed in off-time.

(вопросы задавал Fortune; ответы давал Рикардо Семлер)

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_____________________[PRO] In search of something measurable

In search of something measurable
By David Bowen
Financial Times; Apr 21, 2003

I spend my time helping organisations improve the effectiveness of their websites. And how, my clients ask, do you measure effectiveness? Or they don't, often, but they should, for in these budget-garrotting times the only way anyone will spend a bean is if the return can be measured.

It is not easy. When the commercial web first appeared, there was much excitement precisely because it seemed so measurable. Not only could you see how many people had visited your site, you could see exactly where they had been. And if you sold things online, you could get an even harder measure by counting your sales.

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Websites are complex beasts, and measuring their effectiveness is a complex task. Organisations have their own conventions for measurement of all sorts of things, and the secret will be to create metrics that fit well with these conventions. But I would urge that directors accept that in this particular area a degree of fuzziness, or at least subjectivity, is not just unavoidable but is absolutely essential.

The writer is a website effectiveness consultant for Bowen Craggs & Co.

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_____________________[PRO] Cracking the productivity paradox

Cracking the productivity paradox
By Paul Abrahams
FT.com site; Apr 20, 2003

In the autumn of 2001, Bill Gates visited Detroit, capital of America's automotive industry. Microsoft's chairman and chief software architect spends about 20 per cent of his time with customers, and he wanted to hear what senior executives at the top US motor groups had to say about information technology.

Their comments were unexpectedly blunt. The executives berated Mr Gates for including instant messaging in Microsoft's soft ware. They felt that rather than enhancing productivity, the technology was actually detrimental, because employees were spending too much time sending messages to friends, rather than working.

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Technology requires changes in the way humans work, yet companies continue to inject technology without making the necessary changes масса ерунды и других аналогичных расхожих мифологем, но как кейс - очень хорош... много мысли нужно бы подумать.

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[PER] знак чорного тюльпана

это не римейк тюльпанной саги - это про некий знак тем, кто всё ещё ждет Больших Картинок. по просьбам лжетрудящихся и выложил несколько тюльпанов в более крупном разрешении.

вот они - раз, два, три и четыре (все "за линком", так сказать).

выложены не все из показанных картинок, так как остальное - это фрагменты, "мелкая нарезка", ни на какие обои вам всё равно не хватит. я, кстати, не особенно считал всякие пиксели, так что если вам именно на обои, то уж отрежьте сколько надо сами.

и ещё - картинки здоровые, по мегабайту, так как некоторые просили для "бумажной" печати. поэтому я выбрал максимальное качество - для экранов столько не нужно, так что вы как-нибудь их ужмите...

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[PER] ход камнём

такие вот забавные парковки стали у нас строить - стены у них сделаны из металлических решёток, между которыми просто натолканы булыжники.

изнутри всё выглядит тоже очень приятно - нет угнетающего полумрака обычных паркингов.

видно, что постпенное зарастание всей конструкции лианами задумано специально - на каждом этаже находятся ящики для растений.