September 21st, 2004

cea pro choice

[PER] тонна разгневанных учителей

Tens of thousands of people marched through the streets of Rotterdam, the world's largest port, the plans of Dutch Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende for social security and health sector reforms. The unions are opposed to measures by the government aimed at reducing early retirement entitlements, putting back the retirement age and reforming the social security contributions system from January 1, 2005.

An opinion poll commissioned by state-run Dutch radio indicated that more than 60 percent of those questioned were opposed to the reforms presented by the centre-right government combining Christian Democrats, Liberals and centrists.

Trade unions said 60,000 people marched against the government proposals on the eve of the presentation of 2005 budget. Individual police officials quoted the figure of 30,000 but police headquarters declined to give an estimate. The city's dockers went on strike for the day as did public transport workers in Rotterdam and The Hague. The ECT container transit firm in Rotterdam has been virtually paralysed since Sunday evening. Only a handful of administrative and security staff were working, company director Jan Gelderland told the ANP press agency.

Around 1,000 teachers in the Rotterdam region, along with hospital and museum workers, have said they will also take industrial action Monday. The country's union confederations have called a national day of action in Amsterdam on October 2. They say they expect 100,000 people to take part (включая, судя по всему, и odarka-у; слава богу, без ребятёнка, по последним сведениям.

cea pro choice

[PER] лего-компьютер

а вот ещё недавно ilyavinarsky показывал пример "практически готового" компьютера из лего. и не "шторм ума" какой-нибудь, а вполне сносно реализованный fundamental computer device.

далее везде, как говорится.

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cea pro choice

[PER] обещал и не выполнил

я тут совсем разболелся, сижу дома (надо бы - "лежу", но где там; а теперь вот ещё и жертвы каузального изнасилования на голову свалились.)

но - из последних остатков вменяемости и ещё и потому что

У меня плохая память
И омерзительный нрав.

хочется поддержать инициативу pale_fire:

если я тут что-то кому-то обещал и не выполнил, а вы продолжаете ждать, напомните, пожалуйста, если это вам важно.

и передайте товарищу, конечно.

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