June 30th, 2005

cea pro choice

[PER] Desconhecido :: наверное, это тоже просекс

Dream about me
On the phone to me

Tell me no truth
If it hurts bad
There's enough in my life
To make me so sad

Just dream about
Colour fills our lives
Just dream about
Some one else tonight

So dream about us
When you're alone
Just dream about
How I will let go

в оформлении постинга принял участие фрамент картины очень интересного художника Around Rigter (а на www.doorzin.nl можно увидеть всё, и больше)

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cea pro choice

[PER] Dancing De{r}vices


"The Dervises... are divided into thirty-two sects; and there is not perhaps of one of them, of witch the regulations and practices are more curious then those of the sect Mewlewys, of which Djelal-ud-dinn Mewlana was the founder. This sect is particularly distinguished by the singularity of their mode of dancing, which has nothing in common with the other societies. These devises [sic! - так в тексте] also have peculiar prayers and practices. When they perform their exercises in public, it is generally in parties of nine, eleven or thirteen people. They first form a circle, and sing the first chapter of Koran. The Chief, or Scheik, then recites two prayers, which are immediately succeeded by the dance of the dervises. They leave their places and range themselves on the left of the superior, and advance toward him very slowly. When the first Dervise comes opposite to Scheik, he makes a salutation, and passing on, begins the dance. It consists of turning rapidly round upon the right foot with arms widely extended." - PLATE XLVI, Le Costume Historique: Lithograph Plates by M.A. Racinet. Paris, 1888.

cea pro choice

[ART] о роли таблички в современном искусстве

Посетители галлерей и музеев современного искусства делятся на две большие категории - те, кто сначала смотрит на табличку возле картины, а потом на саму картину, и те, кто смотрит на табличку и переходит к следующей.

Нам ребёнок не оставляет никаких возможностей что-то почитать, поэтому мы смотрим на людей, читающих таблички. На этой было написано "Andy Warhol", а на других мне ничего не удалось прочитать - Collapse )