February 1st, 2010


[PER] Wolf Moon

Оказывается, текущее полнолуние известно в некоторых культурах как "вольчье"; Wolf Moon. Какая-то она необычно жырная, и ярко-красная нынче, потому что как-то особенно близко подходит к Земле.

The Future is Stupid

This interactive installation confronts the viewer with an acoustic representation of the electrical brain activities that govern his being at that very moment. All our mental and physiological processes are controlled by myriads of transitory circuits in an invisible, obscure place in the crown of our head. That intimate topography is mirrored in this sky of steel as hammers hit the plates in shifting rhythms and combinations, transforming parts of your consciousness into macroscopic dimensions.

'Staalhemel' is a responsive environment which offers a walk through a sheltered space that is also the space of one’s own mind.

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