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_____________________[PRO] insightexpress delivers adinsights

Real-time solution from InsightExpress objectively measures the attitudinal impact and overall effectiveness of online advertising and branding campaigns

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 18, 2002--

With online advertising expected to exceed $6 billion dollars this year in the U.S., the need for a solution that quickly and easily enables marketers to measure the attitudinal impacts of online advertising is at an all-time high.

InsightExpress, a professional online marketing research firm, today announced the availability of AdInsights, a real-time measurement service that allows advertisers, agencies and Web publishers to measure the true impact of their online advertising campaigns.

AdInsights leverages InsightExpress' award-winning technology to seamlessly integrate a customized survey directly into an online media campaign. This approach enables advertisers, agencies, and Web publishers to quantify the exposure or "non-click-through" performance of online ads by measuring unaided/aided brand awareness, purchase intent, brand favorably, and other key attitudinal dimensions.

Monitoring ads across a single Web site or a network or networks, AdInsights dynamically segregates Web users into exposed and unexposed groups--eliminating the limitations associated with traditional pre-post methodologies. AdInsights also affords marketers precise campaign measurement control by defining banner or campaign-level frequency thresholds for surveying.

"With AdInsights, advertisers and agencies can unequivocally demonstrate the brand value of their online advertising initiatives through higher awareness, favorability, and purchase intent among those viewing an ad," said Lee Smith, president of InsightExpress. "Web publishers can objectively establish the value and demography of their audience using AdInsights."

AdInsights also extends beyond a point-in-time research initiative by enabling survey participants to share their opinions in follow-up surveys--days, weeks, or months after their initial participation enabling the marketer to monitor longer-term attitudes and behaviors.

branding campaigns, ага.

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