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_____________________[PRO] gates attacks innovation negativity

Gates attacks innovation negativity

By Paul Abrahams in Las Vegas
Financial Times November 18 2002

Bill Gates, Microsoft's chairman, speaking on Sunday in Las Vegas at Comdex, America's largest information technology conference and show, warned that investors and pundits were becoming too pessimistic about the prospects for innovation in the information technology industry.

Although the IT industry was struggling, the rate of innovation and the industry's rate of growth were being underestimated, he argued.

Mr Gates said he was keen to debunk the negativity that surrounded the industry. He said Microsoft, the world's largest company, and the rest of the industry remained committed to increasing research and development spending.

Mr Gates said a transition was taking place and computing would increasingly be used in the home, at the office and on the move in devices other than PCs.

Moreover, the economics of the IT industry were changing as technology continued to become increasingly affordable. He pointed out that Dell Computer, the world's leading PC maker, intended to enter the market for pocket PCs - fully functional devices in a small format. They would cost as little as $199, well below the prices of existing pocket PCs.

Similarly, the cost of server technology using Microsoft's Windows operating system was also rapidly falling. As technology became cheaper, so it would become increasingly pervasive.

Mr Gates also announced a number of new Microsoft products and technologies. He unveiled Microsoft Spot, or Smart Personal Objects Technology, which allows software to be put into everyday items, such as clocks, pens and key-chains.

He demonstrated an alarm clock for business travellers, which included wireless connections that allowed the device to display local information such as weather, traffic, restaurants, as well as personal information such as contacts and stock portfolios.

The technology has been developed by Microsoft Research in combination with National Semiconductor, the chip maker.

He announced OneNote, formerly code-named Scribbler, which allows for audio recording of conversations while taking notes on a tablet PC. If the user taps the notes, it can replay the audio recorded at that time. It can also create text from audio recordings.

With Kinkos, the US printer service company, the company has also developed "File, Print Kinkos", which is based on Microsoft's dotnet technology and allows users to download documents over the internet to the nearest Kinkos outlet, which are then printed for collection of delivery.

Other technologies demonstrated by Mr Gates, included Smart Displays, which allows detachable screens to be used at the home and office to access PCs; Windows Media Center, software put into specially-configured PCs which operate as digital audio and video players; and Windows dotnet server 2003, server software that is due to launched next year.

Dell's pocket PCs за $199 - о, когда?

Microsoft Spot, or Smart Personal Objects Technology... Smart Displays... Microsoft Research... охота их исследования почитать... хотя бы по американским пользователям...

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